Yeti Espresso Imperial Stout


Yeti Espresso Imperial Stout


Title: Geronimo

Artist: Sheppard

Album: Geronimo (Single Release)

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Firefly Music Festival day 2

I now fully understand the meaning of the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools (Drank) cause we kinda lived it. “Wake up, drank, sit down, drank..” etc. etc.

First act of the day: Ghost Beach. I had listened to them before but did not imagine them to be as badass as they were. Now I listen to them constantly.image







Day 2 was long and exhausting but hella fantastic. I could live here.

Acts Seen:

Ghost Beach

Saints of Valory

The Mowgli’s

Bronze Radio Return

Chance the Rapper

Young the Giant


Title: Hold Me Down ft. Revier

Artist: Mansionair

Album: Yok, 2013

Since it started raining..

Title: Evidence

Artist: 2AM Club

Single Release 2013

get sylly from _treesuh_ on 8tracks Radio.

get sylly

new playlist for the best week of the summer : syllabus week.
Get yo drank on.

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I Don’t Even Care About The One I Love

Artist: The Whigs

Album: In The Dark

heard at work while I was lifting boxes upon boxes upon boxes of shoes. This made it a little less miserable.


So this happened today. Shoe shipment = climbing on boxes.

Firefly Music Festival

day one:

The gang and I left the lovely Philly area around 6am. Waking up at 5:00 was no easy task, but it had to be done to start our epic firefly journey. Upon arrival, we saw rows and rows of cars alllll in line to enter the camping grounds. With everyone parked and waiting to enter, people started opening their beers and their sunroofs and getting the weekend started. Indian headdresses were seen across the tops of vans and jeeps, and people were already taking off their shirts as they roamed in between the rows of parked cars.

Eventually, we found our way to the back of the camping grounds, engulfed by the forest. Perfect for peeing in. We set up camp, slowly but surely, and got our day off started with some pong. It felt like 5:00 when it was just striking one. We drank, we met our neighbors, a man came over with a suitcase, and we dodged the rain by sitting under our canopy.

The time came for our entrance into the festival and we joined the mob of young adults in what appeared to be an exodus towards the woodlands. We created a high five train (thank you Bonaroo for the wonderful idea) and entered…. 

We danced, we sang, we got cozy in hammocks. 

Acts seen:

AER (photo three)

Gregory Alan Isakov

Amos Lee

Local Natives