firefly music festival day 4

With the last day upon us, we were ready to rage. We gathered all of our neighbors, played a couple rounds of chandelier with our breakfast, and then went on our way to tackle our last day of freedom from the real world. Firefly, what an experience. I can’t wait to see you again. 

acts seen:

misterwives (photo 3)



Martin Garrix

Childish Gambino

Big Gigantic

firefly music festival day 3

Probably the. best. day. Lucius was bad ass and totally rocked out, then we went to the acoustic stage to check out some acts and I ended up getting the lead guitarist of Smallpools guitar (thanks Mike Kamerman… you da shit and my new favorite person), and I discovered so many new artists that I am obsessed with.

Firefly. Come back to me.


twentyone pilots |-\


The Colourist

The Wild Feathers


Stop Light Observations

Pretty Lights

Title: Einstein’s Idea

Artist: Johnny Flynn

Album: Country Mile

Take this with your morning cup of coffee.

"Seeing kids going back to school reminds me of the 1st days of my school experience, when our Dad would wait with us for the bus to pick us up. 

And he always gave a simple speech to help start us on the right foot.

“It’s a clean slate,” he would say, “Make it a good year.”
Every year, on the first day, he would say that.
What I love about that—more often than he probably hoped—is that you can use that for anything.

Today is a clean slate. Make it a good one.”


it scares me to know

that what i see


i wont see

in time

what i know 

from today

i wont know then

who im with now

and i am 

i wont be

by then.

time is fear

and fear never stops

Title: Movie

Artist: Hoodie Allen

Album: People Keep Talking

Title: Break The Rules

Artist: Charlie XCX

Album: Single Release, 2014

because it’s sylly week.. :]

Purple Mojito.
Captain Morgan White Rum, pomegranate, lemon, lime, & mint.

Yeti Espresso Imperial Stout


Title: Geronimo

Artist: Sheppard

Album: Geronimo (Single Release)

travel. #plane #air #delta #deltaairways #travel #traveling #vacation #vaykay

Firefly Music Festival day 2

I now fully understand the meaning of the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools (Drank) cause we kinda lived it. “Wake up, drank, sit down, drank..” etc. etc.

First act of the day: Ghost Beach. I had listened to them before but did not imagine them to be as badass as they were. Now I listen to them constantly.image







Day 2 was long and exhausting but hella fantastic. I could live here.

Acts Seen:

Ghost Beach

Saints of Valory

The Mowgli’s

Bronze Radio Return

Chance the Rapper

Young the Giant


Title: Hold Me Down ft. Revier

Artist: Mansionair

Album: Yok, 2013

Since it started raining..