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Recess- Skrillex

Recess, 2014


G.R.L. | Ugly Heart

This is quite good.

How i’m feeling today

An Excerpt from David Jones’ “Could You Ever Live Without”


How strange to think

Of all the world.

The deserts, the seas,

The sweeping tropical

Storms, the hurricanes,

Those never sleeping


How strange to think, 

Of the cosmos.

The dying stars, the

Consuming black

Holes, the far

Flung galaxies and

The brink of reality.

How strange to think

That I sit here alone

In a room in a house

On a day of a month and

Think and think

Of you and you alone;

One person amongst

It all.


(Source: Spotify)

February 17 ||| Plans - Snowmine // Dialects, 2014

New album, found today. Love finding new study tunes

January 28 ||| Psylla - Glass Animals 

This -15 degree weather is good for something… Discovered them on a lovely Songza playlist while freezing my ass off on my walk home…. twas a good day.

Stay warm.

January 27 ||| Reflections- MISTERWIVES